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Success Stories
Through the years we have helped a lot of clients build a wide range of products. This has given us a very valuable experience, and it allows us to adapt to your needs, providing trustworthy solutions, tested in real-life environments.
Here we present a few successful projects that we consider to be representative of our work. We explain the development process in clear detail and describe the final product that we handed in to our clients.
Energy efficiency

An industrial enterprise provides electric meters and needs an energy efficiency analysis system both for their internal purposes and to be used by clients.

  • Development of an analysis and visualization app.
  • Large variety of dashboards, charts, forecasts, etc.
  • High configurability levels:
    • User / organization / group / permissions management.
    • Definition of contracts / locations.
    • Administration is taken up by the employees of the company.
    • Alerts and notifications.
  • Data management
    • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) system all the way from the meters to our persistence layer.
    • Efficient data analysis for its graphic visualization (preliminary estimates of the most relevant data, etc.).
  • Web applications
    • Working on the user experience design alongside the client.
    • Chart analysis done to provide innovative, original and functional visualizations.
  • DevOps
    • Implementation of deveopment environments and testing client systems.
    • Configuration management (Ansible)
    • CI/CD
  • Mobility
    • Hybrid mobile app development
    • Chart visualization
    • Receiving alerts and notifications
  • Clients can control the KPIs of their facilities in real-time:
    • Visualization of energy expenditure
    • Visualization of financial costs
    • Poor performance detection
    • Consumption forecast and suggestions
  • Our client has a SaaS product that is subsequently sold to their clients.
  • Our client´s operators manage the app from the backoffice without producing uneccessary dependencies.
  • Clients can delegate the management of their space (alerts, user roles, etc.) to the administrators of their organization.
Supervision of industrial instalations

Our client has a series of industrial instalations at their disposal and wishes to provide their technicians with a tool that would allow them to visualize information regarding production, maintenance and operation.

  • Development of a visualization and analysis tool geared towards a technical user.
    • Energy efficiency curves
    • Real prodution vs. theoretical production capacity certified by the manufacturer.
    • Comparison of data from different machines and installations.
    • Geopositioning of plants.
  • Since the system operators are qualified engineers, certain specifications apply:
    • High data granularity is a must (high levels of parameterization and configurability).
    • Data visualization must meet the precision standards set by clients.
    • An effective visualization of indicators must be facilitated in order to avoid functioning and performance issues within the plant.
  • Data management
    • Implementing an efficient, parallelizable and horizontally scalable ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) system with an access to multiple data sources.
    • Saving in a distributed database, optimized for timeseries.
    • Taking account of the differences between plants and machines (different machinery models, ways of importing data, levels of availability, etc.) by means of parameterization, control and parallel maintenance.
  • Web app
    • Working hand-in-hand with our client to design user experience and offer an optimal visualization of the data required.
    • Designing high-data-density charts.
    • Generating periodic reports that facilitate technical monitoring of the elements in the plant.
    • Geopositioned visualization of the elements in the plant that permits an overview and a more rapid location of the components.
  • DevOps
    • Implementing a configuration system in order to dinamically orchestrate the deployment.
    • CI/CD pipelines and testing.
    • Multiple testing environments.
  • Mobility
    • Building a mobile app that's optimized specifically for tablets and being used on the field by the technicians that visit the plant.
  • The technical staff of our client is able to make informed decisions when optimizing the operation of their plants.
  • The engineers have access to a tool that enables them to improve the processes or rapidly detect malfunctions.
Metrics for a Video On Demand platform

The client owns a Video On Demand production system and need an advanced metrics plaform.

  • Development of a data retrieval and statistics system. Requirements:
    • Performance. The system generates an enormous quantity of data and the associated metrics must be available immediately.
    • Scalability. The system needs to be prepared for an substantial increase of both data volume and the number of users.
    • Flexibility. The metrics displayed must be highly configurable and the system has to be able to facilitate the incorporation of new metrics as the client's requirements increse.
  • Building the web application that allows to check the metrics.
    • Developing a generic API for data query.
    • Creating visualizations of customized data, dynamic graphs, filters, etc.
    • An access control system (management of permissions, organizations, users, etc.).
  • Data management
    • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) system all the way from the meters to our persistence layer.
    • Efficient data analysis for its chart visualization (preliminary estimates of the most relevant data, etc.).
  • Web application
    • Working on the user experience design alongside the client.
    • Developing advanced controls for the filter configuration and personalized queries.
    • Creation of a specific framework that serves on-demand visualization construction.
  • DevOps
    • Designing the system architecture.
    • Designing and implementing the Continuous Integration system.
    • Designing and implementing the monitoring system.
  • All the parties involved in VoD system (support, sales, management, etc.) obtain relevant and up-to-date information on the status of the platform.
  • Our client has a SaaS product that is sold to their clients.
  • It is possible to rapidly and easily integrate new metrics as they become necessary.
A social network of authors of digital contents

Build a social network for self-publishing of digital contents, intended for illustrators and creators of comics.

  • Web application development
    • Digital content publishing that includes creators' profiles, a rating system, etc.
    • Tools for the content creators: content upload, automatic publishing on set dates, a notification system.
  • Creating a vibrant community around the social network
    • A follower system that makes it possible to receive updates from favorite authors.
    • Interaction between authors and readers: comments, content ratings, etc.
    • A variety of rankings, such as the higest-ranking authors and contents, contents that have provoked most interaction or the most recent updates.
  • Web application
    • Meticulous work on the graphic and the interface usability aspects of the design.
    • Exporting 100% of the functionality through API in order for it to be employed in the future mobile app.
    • Parental control system (blurring of images rated 18+ and administration tools for inadecuate content control).
    • Publishing the source code under the AGPL licence.
  • Scalability
    • The application receives a large number of visits and, on top of that, manages a high volume of image files. Thus, the system must be able to scale adequately and have a good architecture, essential to keep costs under control.
  • The system has been in production since mid 2018.
  • The source code was published as open source in early 2019.