OpenShine sponsors GUADEC 2012


For the second consecutive year, OpenShine is sponsoring the GUADEC conference. GUADEC is a yearly conference organized by the GNOME community. This year is held in A Coruña, from the 26th July 2012 to the 1st August 2012. Every person, company or organization interested on what’s happening around the GNOME community is invited to come and join us. We’ll talk about the present and future of this amazing desktop. We at OpenShine are heavily commited to the GNOME desktop, so we are very excited about being here again. With such an energetic community behind it, we’re sure that we’ll have a very productive time and, of course, lots of fun.

If you’re interested to meet us there, don’t hesitate to contact us at

OpenShine sponsors Desktop Summit

Desktop Summit 2011

The Desktop Summit 2011 is a joint conference organised by the GNOME and KDE communities, in Berlin, Germany from the 6th August 2011 to the 12th August 2011 at the Humboldt University. Held annually in cities around Europe, GUADEC and Akademy are the world’s largest gatherings of those involved with the free desktop or mobile user interfaces. Developers, artists, translators, community organisers, users, and representatives from government, education, and businesses and anyone else who shares an interest are welcome. GNOME and KDE are Free Software communities that drive the user interfaces of many GNU/Linux-powered devices, ranging from smartphones to laptops, or personal media centers. This year, for the second time, both communities have decided to organise a single, joint conference.

OpenShine sponsors Desktop Summit as part of FLOSS community, especially the GNOME community. Most of our Free Software projects are based in GNOME technologies. It’s our pleasure to support and sponsor the Desktop Summit 2011 and we hope to see you in Berlin this summer  to share knowledge, experiences and fun !!